Deeply Rooted 2018 Speakers & Schedule!

We have finalized all the speakers and most of the workshops!! We’re super excited to introduce our speakers to you. Each of them brings something unique to the table and we know they will complement each other well. We’re still waiting on 3 titles for the social justice workshops. We expanded this year and added another social justice workshop!

Here are our main speakers:
Chi Chi Okwu
Chi Chi Okwu is a Senior Church Advisor for World Vision, working with church leaders, churches and parachurch organization to build strategic partnerships and increase social justice engagement globally.  She is also a speaker and writer passionate about issues relating to faith and justice specifically in the areas of race, gender, and class.

Previously she worked in healthcare consulting and as an Associate Pastor of Willow Chicago, serving as a part of the teaching team and overseeing all social justice, community group, communications, and care ministries.

Tracey Bianchi

Tracey Bianchi is the Worship and Teaching pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook. She is also a featured writer and speaker for MOPS International and an editorial advisor for Gifted For Leadership. Her writing has appeared in Leadership Journal, The Washington Post, Sojourners, and more.

She is the author of Green Mama (Kindle edition is $1.99 right now!) and Mom Connection and the co-author with Adele Ahlberg Calhoun of Women & Identity and True You.


Kimberly Majeski

Kimberly Majeski is a scholar, storyteller, and activist who challenges her audiences to find the life-transforming connection between their personal story and the inspiring, ancient story of the Scriptures. Kimberly has served in many pastoral and leadership roles in local and national contexts, today, Kimberly serves as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries at Anderson University. Additionally, Kimberly is founder and CEO of Stripped Inc., a not for profit ministry empowering women in sex trade to walk out of fear and into love.
Sherin Ahmed Ali is an associate pastor at River City Community Church in Chicago. She spent most of her growing up years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, before coming to America to attend Moody Bible Institute. It was there that her call to ministry was confirmed, and she has spent her time since Moody working in a variety of vocational roles in the local church.
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November 10 & 11: Empty

God gives where he finds empty hands. ~ Augustine

Most of us have been acquainted with emptiness at some point. It may be from a breakup, a severed friendship, grief over a loved one’s death, despair brought on by depression, job loss, chronic pain, physical or emotional trauma, and major disappointments. None of us are alone in these experiences but, in the moment, we feel certain we are.

Some of us may even long for emptiness when our hearts and minds are fragmented and exhausted, when our lives are crowded by expectation, need, fear, and anxiety. We can’t shut our thoughts down, can’t quiet them, can’t escape them. We feel imprisoned by our own brains. Our dreams shrivel.

That empty ache can be a warning that God is being squeezed out of us, that the Holy Spirit in us is being crushed under care and worry. Driven to distraction, we can’t quiet ourselves enough to hear Jesus speaking to our hearts, inviting us to surrender, inviting us to meet him in a place apart.

What if the emptiness is an invitation?

When I think of the word empty, the image that comes to mind is open hands. There are times when we feel like we have nothing to offer God, our friends, our boss, our family, our ministry. It’s a glass half empty/half full situation. What if those empty hands are telling us that we can empty ourselves of comparison, shame, anger, envy, guilt? What if Jesus is calling us to empty ourselves in order to fit in more of him?

Augustine put it like this, “My soul is like a house, small for you to enter, but I pray you to enlarge it. It is in ruins, but I ask you to remake it. It contains much that you will not be pleased to see: this I know and do not hide. But who is to rid it of these things? There is no one but you.”

We’re gathering women together to acknowledge and talk about the emptiness we have in common and to challenge one another to dig deep and empty ourselves so that Christ may take up more room in our hearts. There must be more of him and less of us. Let’s learn how to receive. Let’s get empty for Jesus.

Join us in Chicago for spoken-word poetry, workshops, worship, teaching, art, and fellowship!

Friday night: Poet Sarah Giove and speaker Chi Chi Okwu, worship, dessert reception.

Saturday: Kimberly Majeski and Tracey Bianchi will be speaking. Diana Shiflett will be leading a workshop on spiritual formation. We will be having 3 workshop tracks: Social Justice, Faith, and Art. (The Illustrated Faith workshop has a $10 supply fee.)

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*We have different payment options as well as an opportunity to sponsor someone with a scholarship.

If finances are tight, we have a pay-what-you-can option.

You can also register at the door with cash or card.* 

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